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The Inaugural National Semiconductor Day


Introducing National Semiconductor Day  : Celebrating Technical Advances


The semiconductor industry is the unsung hero behind our digital age, powering everything from smartphones to advanced medical equipment. As we recognize its contributions, we also emphasize the need for a robust talent pipeline to ensure the U.S. remains a leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

That’s why NIIT has launched the first-ever National Semiconductor Day   , which will take place on November 15 during NAW.

  • Why Semiconductors Are Crucial: Semiconductors are at the heart of modern technology. Their advancements drive innovation, bolster national security, and ensure global competitiveness.

  • NIIT & The Semiconductor Industry: Our involvement in promoting the semiconductor industry is a testament to its significance. By advocating for talent development through apprenticeships, we aim to strengthen the industry and secure its future.

Join us in celebrating National Semiconductor Day   . Let's honor the past achievements of the semiconductor industry, recognize its present contributions, and champion the future talent that will keep the U.S. at the pinnacle of global semiconductor advancements.




Resources & Further Reading

National Apprenticeship Week and National Semiconductor Day    aren't just observances; they're calls to action. We invite you to join NIIT in celebrating these milestones, championing apprenticeships, and ensuring a brighter, more innovative future for all.


Want to participate in NAW? Grab our resources to help you plan for your company’s NAW activities.

Join Us in Celebrating Innovation & Opportunity

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