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The National Talent Hub

The NIIT’s National Talent Hub is a state-of-the-art portal that uses advanced data analytics to connect jobseekers and those looking to improve skills in technical, STEM based jobs to employers and training programs that target their specific needs. Different from the typical, more general job matching services that use resumes and job descriptions to create matches, the NIIT’s National Talent Hub uses a dynamic database of required job competencies that is continually informed by industry to provide insights into the degree of alignment between individuals, careers and course curriculum to put the jobseeker in the driver’s seat.  Individuals develop life-long learning profiles that are informed by past experiences, courses they take and jobs they hold, enabling them to map out career and education pathways like never before. The system is the only nationally integrated infrastructure of its type designed to broaden the talent pipeline by leveling the playing field for all by improving access for underrepresented populations.

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