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February 22nd, 2024
8:30AM MST (10:30AM EST)

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Join the National Institute for Innovation and Technology and the Semiconductor Industry Association on February 22 at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, for a dynamic exploration of Arizona's rapid ascent as a key player in the semiconductor industry. 


With more than $40 billion in recent international investment to build up the manufacturing capacity in the state, questions as to how to address the growing gap in available, skilled labor is paramount for Arizona.


This engaging live session and panel discussion will delve into the collaborative efforts between the state's educational institutions and leading semiconductor companies to cultivate a highly skilled workforce, essential for sustaining and accelerating this growth. 


We'll discuss innovative educational programs, apprenticeships, and specialized training initiatives that are being tailored to meet the demands of Arizona's expanding tech sector. 


Industry leaders and local policymakers will also shed light on the broader economic and technological opportunities emerging from this surge, highlighting Arizona's strategic role in the global semiconductor landscape. 


Discover how these combined efforts are positioning Arizona not just as a hub for manufacturing and innovation, but also as a leader in shaping the future of the semiconductor industry.


The event will be live streamed to the public and will be available in replay form post-event.


Thank you to Gateway Community College for hosting this accelerator event.

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