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Seamlessly Integrating
Career Technical Education with
High-Demand Industry Pathways

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The National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement is dedicated to transforming how young individuals transition from education to employment. The Gateway to Apprenticeship Program (GAP) exemplifies this commitment by bridging high school career and technical education (CTE) with the immediate needs of the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries.

GAP establishes a direct pathway from high school into promising careers, leveraging robust pre-apprenticeship frameworks that are fully integrated with Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). This initiative ensures that students gain the essential skills required by high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing, facilitating a smooth transition into high-value employment or further educational opportunities.

GAP   Consists of three fundamental components:



Supportive Learning Environment

Students enrolled in GAP receive comprehensive support throughout their educational journey, including mentoring, career guidance, and assistance in transitioning to further education or employment.

Initially launched in New York, GAP is being scaled across the nation and designed to ensure all graduates from applicable CTE programs can use what they have learned as a gateway into learn and earn opportunities through Registered Apprenticeships and related careers. Through GAP, the nation’s CTE programs will in essence become “pre-apprenticeship programs” at scale, opening the doors for the nation’s diverse population to leverage the public education system to pursue high-value careers.

The Gateway to Apprenticeship Program invites students, educators, and industry professionals to partake in a transformative educational experience that directly addresses tomorrow's workforce needs. Your participation and support can help shape the future of our industries and ensure a robust national economy.


For more information on how you can get involved with the Gateway to Apprenticeship Program, please contact us!

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