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Empowering the Future
of Semiconductor Careers

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Welcome to the Semiconductor Industry Network of Community Colleges

NIICA proudly introduces the Semiconductor Industry Network of Community Colleges (SINC). This pioneering initiative connects participating community colleges nationwide to enhance education and career opportunities in the rapidly growing semiconductor and advanced manufacturing sectors.

About SINC

SINC bridges the gap between education and high-demand industry pathways. By aligning community college programs with the specific needs of the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries, SINC ensures that students acquire the essential skills required for these high-value careers.

Key Features of SINC


Comprehensive Network

SINC includes a broad coalition of community colleges providing Related Technical Instruction (RTI) to support Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) and specialized educational programs.

The National Talent Hub:
Connecting Education to Industry Needs

The National Talent Hub is an integral part of SINC, serving as the nation’s only dynamic system that reflects the ever-changing needs of tech-related industries and advanced manufacturing. By aligning job requirements with educational program curricula and individual skills profiles, the National Talent Hub ensures that the courses offered through SINC meet both employer and individual needs. This alignment guarantees that students are prepared for the high-demand careers awaiting them in the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Transforming Education
to Employment

As the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing sectors experience unprecedented growth driven by federal CHIPS funding, the demand for skilled workers is soaring. SINC is designed to meet this urgent need by providing accessible pathways to training and education, facilitating "learn and earn" opportunities through Registered Apprenticeships (RAs), and supporting a more diverse workforce.


Join the Network

SINC invites students, educators, and industry professionals to engage in a transformative educational experience that addresses the workforce needs of tomorrow. Your participation and support can help shape the future of our industries and strengthen our national economy.

For more information on SINC participants and programs:

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