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We identify roadblocks to innovation in strategic industry sectors and ensure they are eliminated 
Through our national Center for Skills Based Learning, we are executing a strategy to expand and build the nation's talent pipeline to support strategic industries and their supply chains.
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The National Leader in

Semiconductor Talent Pipeline Development

National USDOL Contract to Lead the Expansion of Registered Apprenticeships in Semiconductor/Nanotech Sectors

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Connecting Talent, Training Providers and Careers in Strategic Industry Sectors
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Bringing the Power of
Apprenticeship Training to
Strategic Industry Sectors
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VetConnect & Veteran's Fellowship Program
Developed to Serve Those
Who Served
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R.E.A.L. Robotics for
Kids Program
Focused on the Future

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CEO Messages

A Message from our
President and CEO, Mike Russo


In these transformative times for the U.S. workforce and the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries, our mission at the Institute gains even more relevance and urgency.


My recent appointment to the U.S. Labor Secretary's Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship is not just a personal honor, but a testament to the critical work we've been championing at the Institute to build our nation’s talent pipeline in strategic industry sectors to support global competitiveness and national security.

As we navigate an election cycle that brings workforce development into sharp focus, it's imperative to highlight...

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