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April 4th, 2024
2:30 PM CST (3:30 PM EST)

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At the heart of Texas's tech boom, and across the country, the semiconductor manufacturing industry faces a pressing challenge: a growing need for skilled workers in a rapidly evolving field. With Texas serving as a critical hub for technology and manufacturing, the discrepancy between the demand for "middle-skill" jobs and the available skilled workforce highlights an urgent need for targeted solutions.

Join the National Institute for Innovation and Technology for our live accelerator panel on this topic on April 4, 2024 in Austin, Texas at 2:30 p.m Central time. Hosted at the Austin Community College’s Make It Center, where stakeholders will discuss how we address the challenge head-on.


This event features two focused panels, bringing together industry experts to discuss and develop strategies for workforce development within the semiconductor sector:

Panel 1: "Understanding the Semiconductor Workforce Ecosystem"

The session will focus on the collaborative efforts necessary to enhance the talent pipeline. It will highlight successful partnerships between educational institutions, industry leaders, and workforce development initiatives that have led to innovative training and apprenticeship programs, contributing to a more capable and diverse workforce.

Panel 2: "Partnerships for Progress: Strengthening the Talent Pipeline"

This session will explore the specific needs of employers in semiconductor manufacturing, including the skills and roles most in demand. Experts from the industry, government, and academia will share insights into the current state of the workforce and what can be done to meet the growing demands of this high-tech field.

After the discussions, we invite attendees to stay on-site for a networking reception, where conversations can continue in a more informal setting, allowing for personal connections and further exploration of the day's topics.

Be part of this important event to contribute to ensuring we have a ready and skilled workforce for the future. For more information or questions, contact the Institute’s Outreach and Communications Manager Stephanie Frederick at

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