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Jesus Cabrero

Full Stack Software Engineer

Jesus Cabarero

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jesus Cabrero moved to New York and embarked on a diverse career journey. After serving in the Navy and exploring various roles, including technical assistance and professional driving, Jesus decided to pivot his career. In 2019, he graduated from Monroe Community College and was soon recruited by Revature as a Full Stack Software Engineer.

Specializing in web development and RESTful API services, Jesus played a pivotal role in developing an AI solution for insurance brokers at LTIM, with Travelers Insurance as the client. This innovative project earned recognition by winning the Snowflakes 2021 Hackathon for its groundbreaking approach to policy writing.

Now a proud member of the NiiCA team, Jesus is passionate about helping others find their path to success, drawing from his own transformative journey from blue-collar roles to the tech industry. He hopes his story inspires and motivates others to pursue their aspirations.

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