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To effectively compete in today’s economy employers must ensure their employees acquire skills

to meet rapidly increasing production and quality demands


Recruitment Strategies

What are the GAINS for employers?

  • Engage a Broader Talent pool and create your own pipeline of talent for hard to fill in-demand positions

  • Recruit individuals with relevant skill sets who are immediately employable but are currently not engaged in the industry!

  • Create a competitive advantage for recruitment by showing prospective employees you invest in your workforce and they are your most valuable asset.

  • Increase retention and internal advancement with structured career pathways.

  • Optimize onboarding for accelerated employee productivity and success in gateway positions.


What are the GAINS for participants?

  • Immediate Employment

  • Accelerated pathways for career advancement

  • Rapid Skills Advancement in high tech, high demand industry

  • Tuition-Free College Credits

  • Stackable Credentials and National Certification


Training Providers 

What are the GAINS for Training Providers?

  • Enhanced Employer Partnerships

  • Increased Student Enrollment

  • Increased Student Persistence

  • Position your programs to be immediately responsive to industry sector and labor market conditions

  • Ensure  your curriculum aligns with  high demand occupations

On the Job Training
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