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Game-changing partnership creates a pipeline to jobs in high-value careers

in semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries

The National Institute for Innovation and Technology (NIIT), the leader in developing the U.S. semiconductor talent pipeline through Registered Apprenticeships, and the Manpower Group (Manpower), the premier global workforce solutions company, announced a partnership to establish an innovative national Registered Apprenticeship Program that will offer training and eventual employment in valuable advanced manufacturing jobs.

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This collaboration will empower participants to start or accelerate their careers with a fast-track training program in positions that traditionally require post-secondary education. With this partnership, NIIT and Manpower Group are strengthening the talent pipeline in America’s semiconductor industries and other fields that are crucial to the country’s national security and global economic competitiveness.

Mike Russo

Mike Russo

President & CEO

"Our Registered Apprenticeship program  with  Manpower  is  a major step in  NIIT’s strategy of expanding the nation’s workforce needed to supporting the semi- conductor, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing related industries. We will not only be better preparing and motivating

the workforce through industry-

Jonas Prising

Jonas Prising

Chairman & CEO

"Manpower is dedicated to enabling clients to succeed in the changing world of work, and our partnership with NIIT achieves that by giving individuals vital career development and delivering a larger talent pool of skilled workers for employers. Given the importance of the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries, we are 

recognized training; we will be expanding opportunities in these all-important fields to those who may not have had the chance to participate before. NIIT is excited to partner with a progressive workforce solutions provider like ManpowerGroup as they mark 75 years of innovation for employers and jobseekers alike.”

thrilled to collaborate with NIIT to provide an avenue for countless individuals to pursue careers previously considered out of reach. We are addressing the talent shortfall for strategically significant industries with an innovative initiative that benefits employers and individuals and their families."

Read the full story to learn more about Manpower Group and NIIT

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