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The National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement™ (formerly known as the National Institute for Innovation and Technology/NIIT) is the nation’s leader in semiconductor talent pipeline development and the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) national Intermediary responsible for establishing and expanding Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) throughout the semiconductor and nanotechnology-related industry supply chains.

Our Evolution: From NIIT to NIICA

Our transition from NIIT to NIICA marks a deepened commitment to advancing careers and leading the charge in talent development within the semiconductor sector. This strategic focus ensures we are perfectly poised to meet the industry's dynamic needs and position the organization for future growth.

Our Mission

•    Registered Apprenticeship Programs: At the heart of NIICA, we work with stakeholders to build and establish RAs to cultivate the next generation of semiconductor professionals, providing hands-on experience and fostering industry-ready skills that offer workers from a diverse cross-section with high-quality career opportunities.

•    Industry Partnerships: We collaborate with semiconductor industry leaders and organizations, ensuring their Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) align with cutting-edge technological advancements and workforce requirements, as well as relevant state and federal requirements.

•    Veteran Transition Pathways: Our dedicated initiatives for veterans help them to translate skills they learned in the military to roles in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, offering opportunities to support those who have served our country, while filling a critical workforce need.

•    Youth in Technology: Through engaging programs like robotics, we work with K-12 systems to integrate hands-on STEM-related skills into curriculum so that future generations of workers will enter the workforce with translatable, foundational skills that will allow them to move into semiconductor and related-industries. 

Be Part of The Future

NIICA invites you to join this transformative journey. Whether you’re a company looking to establish a RAP as a way to build your talent pipeline, or you’re a jobseeker looking for more information about how RAs and the semiconductor industry may be a good fit for you, NIICA is here to offer support and guidance as subject-matter experts in the space.

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