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National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement (NIICA) and Insight Global Announce National Program to Facilitate Career Advancement for Returning Service Members and Veterans

Partnership is designed to provide a gateway to high-value careers and establish a sustainable solution to address the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry

HANOVER, Md., July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement™ (NIICA), formerly the National Institute for Innovation and Technology, and Insight Global, a leading staffing company, announced the launch of a new program designed to help place returning service members and veterans in high-value careers in the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing industries.

Under the program, former service members will receive credit for skills acquired in the military to enter into full-time employment while receiving training to fill gaps in skills that are required in the target positions.

As the U.S. Department of Labor's (USDOL) national Intermediary charged with establishing and expanding Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) in the tech sector with a specific focus on the semiconductor and nanotechnology-related industry supply chains, NIICA will provide the programmatic support and infrastructure, through its National Talent Hub, to facilitate the program, as well as serve as the National Program Sponsor. Insight Global, as the employer, will work with NIICA to establish and support the program administration.

"This initiative marks a significant step in honoring our returning service members by recognizing and leveraging the valuable skills they acquired during their military service," said Mike Russo, President and CEO of NIICA. "At NIICA, our mission is to broaden and strengthen the talent pipeline for strategic industry sectors critical to U.S. national security and global competitiveness. We are excited to partner with Insight Global on this nationwide effort to help veterans and their families secure high-value careers."

The initial focus of the program, which is part of the NIICA's VetConnect initiative, will be the semiconductor industry, where Insight Global will be investing in individual client training by establishing veterans fellowships within NIICA's Growing Apprenticeships in Nanotechnology and Semiconductors Registered Apprenticeship Program (GAINS).

Given Insight Global's reach and experience that extends beyond the semiconductor industry and veterans, there is potential for the program to be expanded to support a broader range of corporate clients and individual job seekers.

"At Insight Global, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our corporate clients who require skilled talent to sustain and grow their businesses, while also providing meaningful career opportunities for adults seeking to advance their futures," said Jared Tatham, Managing Director – Semiconductor of Insight Global. "Our partnership with NIICA enables us to launch a groundbreaking program that builds a robust talent pipeline for strategic industries, such as the semiconductor sector, where the skills of our service members can be effectively utilized. Our Semiconductor Apprenticeship Accelerator Program (SAAP) will offer a unique solution that adds significant value to both employers and the veterans we serve."

For more information about NIICA's work with Insight Global and the newly announced program, contact NIICA's Outreach, Engagement, and Communications Manager Stephanie Frederick at

About the National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement

NIICA is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to identify roadblocks to innovation in strategic industry sectors, those important to the U.S. national security and global competitiveness, and ensure they are eliminated. NIICA is responsible for a national strategy to support the development of the talent pipeline to support advanced manufacturing and the tech sector - with a particular focus on the semiconductor industry supply chain.

NIICA's National Talent Pipeline Development Initiative represents a comprehensive, nationally integrated approach that enables broader participation by promoting skills-based learning and hiring, connecting the public education system, returning service members and their families and adults from other occupations to related technician and engineering careers. For more information about NIICA, visit

About Insight Global

Insight Global is a leading staffing company dedicated to empowering people through meaningful employment opportunities. With extensive experience in the staffing industry, Insight Global offers advisory, managed, and custom services to help companies implement sustainable solutions for talent acquisition, including the Semiconductor Apprenticeship Accelerator Program (SAAP), which addresses the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry through hands-on learning and industry-recognized credentials.

For more information on Insight Global and SAAP, contact Jared Tatham at

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